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Born Bryant D. Williams, Chef Baul is a traveling and celebrity chef with southern roots. The 

Atlanta, Georgia native has used food to connect, inspire, and fuel the culture. With 15 years of 

contributing to the food industry, he has amounted to untouchable opportunities.  


In 2013, Williams opened Chef Baul Catering, a fine luxury dining, private catering business 

specializing in on-demand Southern, Caribbean, and Asian meals-on-demand. For nine years, the 

personal Chef has served the entertainment industry’s favorites, such as the Migos, Lil Baby, 

Wale, and Idris Elba, to name a few.  


The 32-year-old Chef has used his culinary skills to explore the world outside of his hometown. 

Traveling 22 countries has allowed him to experience cultures, cuisines, and untraditional 

recipes, enabling him to spice up and call his own.  


Undeniably, his most popular dishes will always be reminiscent of Southern, Asian, and 

Caribbean cuisine: Sweet, Savory, and Southern. His renowned dishes, Asian Glazed Salmon, 

Lambchops, Macaroni, and Cheese, may have been his gateway to success. Still, his African 

American and Asian ancestorial history are what sparked his flame.  


Williams says, “Cooking is a necessity,” growing up, seeing his grandmother and Father create 

masterpieces on the stove and grill has been a true inspiration. “He attributes his passion for 

cooking to his family because they were the true pioneers. “With such a large family, my parents 

always had something cooking on the stove,” he says. “That sticks with me in my career and 

how I raise my children.” 


As chef Baul continues to grow his brand and travel the world, he shows no signs of slowing 

down or sweetening your taste buds. In 2022, Williams will launch his first personal Quick and 

Savory grits line, which will be available online and in-stores at select locations.  


For more information on Chef Baul, Booking, and Releases, Follow @ChefBaul on Instagram.

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